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The copy-paste job words are informing as they are copied and pasted somewhere and it is a job for the workers. All you have to do is copy particular things the (content is text and it is a plain text) that is all about the job.

You would be allotted all the database materials, on which you need to copy the text content. It is not even consumes your time, as you need to spend hours in finding the content. With just one click, you would get millions of text contents in front of your screen.  Do copy them, and paste it on our running server.  

Understand, the text content could be one line, ten lines or fifty lines. Nevertheless, it is not matter at all, because all you need to do is to just copy them or copy it and paste. Therefore, you can understand it is not matter how is the length of the text content would be. For your comfort, we are happy to inform you that is not going to be difficult work, none of your time is wasted and it is not like MLM or any other marketing system available on the internet. One hundred percent lawful job, you would get what you read in your page.



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What is the meaning of copy paste job?

Copy-paste work as the meaning and it informs all, it is mater of copying something and pasting in a place. You need to copy the text content from the database and the same content should be pasted on the server only this is the work you have to do. Not more than this or less you need to do for making money. Once you read, keep it in your mind that it is only copy paste work. You would not be assigned to do anything as MLM, Network marketing, chain marketing scheme etc. No need to invest your time in hours in finding anything, it is only one hundred percent copying and pasting job and it is called as copy-paste job.

Do I need to have more knowledge for joining copy-paste work?

Not required. All you have to know is only two different things, ctrl+c for coping and ctrl+V is for pasting what you copied from your database. There only two things you have to understand for doing this job.

To begin this work is there any age restriction? Or any other needs?

All age group of people can do this job, without any age limit. Even less than eighteen years could get payment in their parent or guardian name. All you have to have only basic internet knowledge and opening the pages surfing the websites that is all about the job.

Is it time consuming in search the content from the database?

As we informed above, it would never take more than one micro second. Therefore, no need to worry as you has to wait for a long time in locating the content.

From where I search the database for copy paste work?

Understand clearly, database and all the working materials, dictations would be provided only to the subscribed members of their email addresses.

What happens if I complete the job, how could I get more and more copy paste works?

Our database is every second updated on our server with the recent copy paste works. hence it is nothing to bother as less work we have.

What is the quantity of the copy paste work I need to do every day and especially in a month?

We are not bothered with your every day work. Nevertheless, in a single month minimum you need to do hundred copy past works/ day below beginning and low level of hundred copy paste works/ day below the master plan in the schedule to get your payment. It is just as no work pressure. The reason is, we have made such a small quantity of requirement of the work, each one of the workers is getting payment; they are only spending thirty minutes a day to earn their money.

What is the height numbers of copy past work I could do in a day and in one month?

In a single day you could do maximum numbers of copy past work, there is no conditions from our side. Nevertheless, in a single moth you could do at the maximum of six thousands (This is under starter plan program) or Nine thousand (this is under master plan program) copy paste work, all it depends on which plan you are registered your work commitment.

Starter: For 100 copy paste you will get $10 USD/day. That means, Maximum Earning will be $10,000 USD.
Master: For 100 copy paste you will get $15 USD/day. That means, Maximum Earning will be $20,000 USD.  

What are the other kinds of work schemes?

We are having two other kinds of work schemes. One can select the best one as per his wishes. The schemes are organized in a way for the part time and for the full time job.
Registration Fees
Starter: $40 usd
Master : $50 usd

How do I know, my work is eligible for payment or not? And who I would be paid for the work done by me?

Once you do the copy paste work, you will receive one URL for every work. You need to just gather every URL and send to us in the report sheet available in your page.

Is it must to work copy paste every queries like all the keywords or contents which ever I receive?

No, it is not that you must do it, you would get one millions of queries like keywords and phrases from our database and it is purely your choice.

Is there, any kind of perfection required in the job?

No perfection is needed, in this job, spelling errors also would not be taken as a mistake, it is because you are doing only copy paste work.

What is the real portion or size of the copy paste job?

It is not a matter, whether it is a text matter copies of just one line or forty lines. However, whichever you put one line or forty lines text contents you would be paid the same money. Highest is fifty lines.

I want to know can I change my copy paste job afterwards If I like?

Yeah! you could edit/ change the job after logging in to the member’s location at anytime you want to change.

What is the duration of time to understand my work is a valid work or Invalid?

Each copy paste work would be accepted, unless you are not pasting the wrong contents in the box provided to you to paste.

In which circumstance my job would be rejected? 

In case, you are pasting a wrong text, which is not a original with the keywords or a query provided to you, it would be rejected blindly.
If you are doing the work many times, by duplicating the original of your copy paste job, it would be rejected.
In case, you are not following the rules and violating the rules your account is banned and your name is removed from our database. 
If you are pasting unwanted content or irrelevant content or vulgar things or awfully anything in regards to keywords or query your account is rejected.
If you are not presenting low and minimum required quantity of job to our company and for two continuous days your account would be removed.  

In which way the company sends my salary?

You would be paid according to the plan you have selected before subscribing for the job in my account section. These are the ways we send money to you bank transfer/alertpay/ money booker/western Union/City bank cheque etc.

The copy paste works looking very easy, why you are paying much money?

This question is being asked by many members of the company of our company. We are answering here for them. The online has changed they pattern of marketing, developments and ranking ways in various things. You are doing only single copy paste job, but the same job is multiplying to more and more numbers in scripts which is connected to various companies database.  
One single copy paste develops more than ten different types advantages to the company, as in marketing of the product or service, development and promotion of the businesses that is increasing their site ranking to stay in front. Nevertheless, while you are working on our company you would not be able to realize or get knowledge all the above things, as it is going on the background only. The companies are getting more advantages, it is because of the matter which you are pasting on our server increasing the company’s product in wide range in marketing and in rank placement.  
This is the only reason we are paying more money…………….

All right! Now I am interested in this copy paste work, how to get the job to work?

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